Once upon a time, a bell...

Olivier's expertise

In the Tourrettes, the cheese culture is perennial and is passed on from father to son.

And for good reason, after an economic chain and four years spent in the large-scale distribution, Olivier chose to put his expertise at the service of the family business by developing La Cloche à Fromage around the tradition, the terroir and the craft industry.

An expert story

A little more than twenty years ago, La Cloche à Fromage was born of a family initiative in the city of Strasbourg in France.

Fervent defender of the French gastronomic heritage, the Tourette family has developed a restaurant, shops, a refining cellar and training courses for professionals.

Not only, we offer you quality service, but also quality products.
From fine cheeses from Quebec or imported, to subtle deli meats and some suggestions for agreements, La Cloche à Fromage wants to showcase the best local products from all continents.

True epicureans, to your taste buds!

The biggest cheese bell in the world !

With a height of 1m80, a diameter of 1m50 and a weight of 800kg, the largest cheese bell in the world can accommodate up to 100 varieties of cheeses.

A particularly original idea which ennobled the cheese and preserves its warm side.